Groceries Zero Waste Style

Go grocery shopping zero waste style with these three really helpful tips!

1 | How to Shop

The process of buying with your own containers, and taring these containers, can sometimes feel foreign and overwhelming. So I've compiled this resource to help take the stress out of doing groceries. The process of zero-waste shopping at each of the below listed stores is documented in detail - from where to get your jars weighed to determine the tare weight to when to talk to the cashiers and all the in-betweens. With all of Trashless in Toronto's grocery resources, you'll be zero-waste grocery shopping in no time!

Is your store of interest not listed? Send me an email and either let me know what you're experience was like or ask me to look in to it to update the database!

2 | What to Shop

So - you've decided you want to reduce the amount of packaging you buy and grocery shop zero-waste style!

For each of the included stores I've compiled a detailed inventory of stocked bulk items for those stores that have bulk selections. An inventory of fresh foods is not included as these tend to vary heavily by season and suppliers, and not all these locations have fresh produce (ex. Bulk Barn). More stores will be added to the database over time, so stay tuned!

Browse by the store closest to you or use CTL+F to lookup any specific ingredients to make sure the store you are heading to has it in bulk!

3 | Where to Shop