Qi Natural Food (Queen/Portland)

How to Shop

  • Stop by the cashiers at the front of the store and have them tare your containers
  • They will offer to write down the tare value, but you have the lower waste option to either record the tare on your phone or write in on the container directly with a permanent marker (on glass it washes off) or with a washable crayon
  • Fill your containers in their bulk section
  • Record the PLU of every item (taking a photo of the PLU works great!) and make sure you know which container contains what
  • They will ring you through at the cash and deduct the tare weight




506 Queen St West


Mon-Sun: 10am-7pm

The Quick and Dirty: Small selection of bulk staples, and you'll also find sesame sticks and Japanese cracker mixes.

What to Shop (To Search, Use CTRL + F)

Nuts & Seeds

Raw almonds, roasted and unsalted almonds, roasted salted almonds, tamari almonds, pecan halves, brazil nuts, walnut pieces, walnut halves, raw cashew, roasted unsalted cashew, roasted salted cashews, raw pumpkin seeds, hulled sunflower seeds, in-shell pistachio, roasted unsalted peanuts, organic hulled sesame seeds, organic hemp seeds, organic black chia seeds, organic white chia seeds, brown flax seeds, golden flax seeds, organic black sesame seeds

Dried Fruit

Blueberries, cranberries, currants, crystallized ginger, dried mango, dried papaya chunks, dried pineapple rings, dried pineapple pieces, golden raisins, Thompson raisins, Sultana raisins


Organic black lentils, organic green lentils, organic red lentils, organic French lentils, organic brown lentils, organic azuki beans, organic navy beans, organic black eye beans, organic pinto beans, organic black turtle beans, organic mung beans, organic red kidney beans, organic garbanzo beans, organic green split peas, organic Great Northern beans


Organic buckwheat groats, organic toasted buckwheat, organic rolled oats, steel cut oats, organic oat bran, organic quick-cooking oats, organic white Basmati rice, organic brown Basmati rice, organic long-grain rice, short-grain brown organic rice, red Himalayan rice, organic couscous, organic quinoa flakes, organic yellow quinoa, organic black quinoa, organic red quinoa


Dark chocolate chips, unsweetened carob chips, sweetened carob chips, toasted organic coconut flakes, organic shredded coconut


Assorted black licorice, gummy bears, gummy berries

Snacks & Miscellaneous

Non-GMO TVP chunks, sesame snack sticks, Japanese snack cracker mix, organic popcorn