Toronto Eats

You've had a super long day at work and still need to send some emails, run some errands, and start the laundry when you get home. A quick take-out meal is normally your answer. Or maybe it's a friend's birthday and you're taking him or her out for dinner. How in the world can you do it without generating any waste? It's easy!

This guide gives you the tips and tricks on how to be zero-waste at restaurants and take-out joints across the city. Looking for a particular restaurant? Just CTL+F your way through the database! Is what you're looking for not on the list yet? Have you had experiences eating zero-waste at establishments not listed? Send me an email and I'll either look into it myself or include the information from your experiences!

Psssst, BYO means "bring your own" and BYOC means "bring your own container". #efficiency

Kupfert & Kim

  • $.35 discount for each container you bring
  • Will fill containers with kombucha on-tap
  • Eating in? Ask servers to hold the napkins (compostable, but easy BYO)

Apiecalypse Now!

  • Will gladly fill your container as long as it is big enough for the pizza slices
  • Package free vegan donut and dunkaroos

Quantum Coffee

  • BYOC - No problem!
  • All pastries package-free (no vegan/gf options)
  • Staying in? They use mugs for here orders!
  • Tea bags may contain plastic


  • Ask for no plastic in your cocktails - they use both plastic straws and spears
  • Cloth napkin and silverware is a ZW go!
  • BYOC for leftovers

Early Bird Espresso

  • BYOC = no problem!
  • Most treats and snacks available package free
  • Staying in? Mention it and they give you your drink in a mug and your snacks on a plate!

Bac Ky Pho

  • BYOC - no problem!
  • Eating in? BYO cloth instead of napkins provided


  • No issues getting your container filled
  • No discounts for BYOC


  • $.10 discount for a reusable coffee mug
  • Staying in? All locations have coffee mugs, no discount for these


  • Cloth napkin and silverware is a zero waste win!
  • BYOC for any leftovers
  • Make sure to request no straws in your drinks!

Jimmy's Coffee

  • $.35 discount for BYOC
  • Package free snacks (no vegan/gf options)
  • Bag-less tea options - chai and matcha
  • Staying in? Request no sleeves for lattes


  • BYOC for smoothies, juices, and coffee/tea
  • BYOC not available for meals to-go
  • Return jars from their cold-pressed jars for $.10 off next drink
  • Eating in? Cutlery is pre-wrapped with a napkin and sticker, so BYOC

Thai Express

  • BYOC - no problem!
  • Decline the plastic takeout bag
  • Bring extra small containers if you'd like to have peanuts/lime/sriracha on the side

Booster Juice

  • BYOC = no problem, just remember to refuse the straw or BYO reusable straw!

Basil Box

  • BYOC - no problem!
  • Disposables are used for both take-out and eat-in