Our Team


Rachel Kirkland, Founder & Content Director

I've always had a deep passion for protecting the environment.

Growing up, I split my term nerd-ing out with the National Audubon Society's Field Guide to Reptiles and Amphibians: North America and training 35 hours a week as an international level figure skater. As a former four-time national medalist and National Team member, I was drawn to the area of health and now have aspirations in the field of public health and health policy examining the intersection of personal and planetary health - essentially how climate change and ecological distress are actually critical health problems.  I transitioned to a more circular, zero waste lifestyle at the beginning of 2016 and officially gave up on owning a garbage can in September 2016. I am also a 5 Gyres Ambassador and campaign for the minimization of plastic pollution. I am an animal lover, a kind eater, policy nerd, and documentary addict (Cowspiracy and The True Cost are must watches!). I currently live in the heart of downtown Toronto with my boyfriend, Matt, and our two cats, Bob and Tiger.